Our founder, Zachary Irving, is a graduate of Flash Point Media Arts Academy in Chicago and awarded with a degree in the Applied Science of Videography. In 2018 he took a leap of faith and established Irving Entertainment, right here in northern Michigan. Although many of his classmates chose to relocate to a more heavily populated and modern city, Zach’s dream was to bring his knowledge of the art of videography back to his hometown and to share his passion by helping local people with their video needs, whatever that may mean to them. From beautifully filmed and edited wedding, event, and personal videos to professional and eye-catching commercials. Since the beginning, we have always taken a cinematic approach with each project we help to create, and that has led to the success of “IE” in such a rural community. Lead by Zach, we provide an educated team of video production professionals to our region, allowing businesses and companies to hire locally instead of outsourcing from expensive production companies in larger cities. One of our passions here at Irving Entertainment is to provide each one of our business clients with the tools they need in today's fast-paced market and for them to have the most success possible. Whether you are a veteran in the business world of Northern Michigan or a brand-new company, we can help build your business the right way! 

Previous Clients

Northland Area Credit union